Awareness: the first step in water conservation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic – and for good reason. Connecting objects to the internet means that we can capture data like never before; monitoring and analysing multiple objects remotely, often from a single device. This is not only convenient; it also offers insights that can improve efficiencies, save costs, and guide us when making strategic decisions. All of these insights are especially valuable when it comes to managing water.

The world's potable water resources have been under pressure for many years. From the over-exploitation of many major rivers to drying ancient underground aquifers, pollution, and as much as half of the world’s population surviving on non-renewable groundwater, climate change is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. But it’s a pretty big tip.

Experts predict that if climate change continues its current trajectory, as much as 40% of the world’s water supply will be in deficit by 2030. Add that to the fact that global water demand is predicted to increase by 55% in a similar timeframe, and you realise just how much pressure there is on our water supply. 

Water doesn’t discriminate; we all need water to live and its scarcity affects every one of us. This is why it’s so important for us all to play our part. Smart technologies, like those provided by Utility Systems, offer tremendous benefits when it comes to water management and consumption awareness. Consider three of our solutions:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Utility Systems’ smart water management device, the utiliMeter, provides a prepaid metering solution with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). By connecting it to a pulse output water meter, the utiliMeter provides near-real-time bi-directional communication between the smart device and our mobile apps for consumers, meter readers, and municipalities. 

Technology like this can help to track and manage leaks or tampering, prevent waste, save resources on meter reading, and reduce billing issues – saving precious water at every turn.

Prepaid Water Metering
Utility Systems developed the world’s first commercially available and proven prepaid water metering system, approved by the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) Association. 

Using the utiliApp mobile application, consumers can view their usage data, will get exception alerts such as leak and tamper, load prepaid water credit, and remotely open or close their valve.

Not only will consumers be able to budget for their required water, but by having visibility of water consumption, generally usage is reduced. 

Powerful smart tools have the potential to provide useful information for water conservation efforts - and revenue management - worldwide. But it all starts with awareness. 

Through smart water management you have the tools to track and control water usage. It’s through using this kind of information that we can better understand our water consumption, so we can take action that contributes to the sustainability of our world. 

After all, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” – WH Auden